I Am the Grand Canyon  tells the story of a heroic people who refused to back down in an epic struggle to regain their traditional homeland.

Arizona Book Award 2007

Southwest Book Award 2007

A ruined hunting shelter, a displaced Native American woman and the planetary weight of the U.S. government: the gunpowder that ignite Lauren Greasewater’s War.

OneBookAZ Award 2014

Two people keep secrets from each other about a mistaken killing and the bombing of an atomic research facility in the high-wire act Chasing Antigone.

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Available from Amazon, wholesale, or digitally.

Available from Amazon, wholesale, or digitally.

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Annotated letters from my father, a front-line combat surgeon in the North African and Italian campaigns of WW II. Includes over 100 photo-graphs and maps.

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New 2020 update includes a place map, Lauren’s family tree, and glossary