The bombing of an atomic lab in Ohio and a mistaken killing in Southeast Asia set off this roller-coaster mystery about casualties of the Cold War and the anti-war movement set in the 1990s at the cusp of the Internet age.

The ride begins when college instructor Graham Bell connects with a wary salon worker calling herself Linda Chapman. The flirtation turns deadly when Chapman disappears and a SWAT team invades his house hunting Tori DaMantova, the Antigone bomber. Investigators stun Bell when they find DaMantova’s fingerprints in his house. Bell learns information, however, that casts DaMantova in a different light and sets out to find her.

One step ahead of her pursuers, Bell tracks Damantova across the country to land himself in the middle of an incident far bigger and more sinister than he could have imagined. What began as an attempt to find Tori DaMantova takes him into a menacing underworld after an elusive Eurydice.

***** 4.9 of 5 stars on Amazon *****

praise for Chasing Antigone

“While the events in this beautifully written book originated in the Viet Nam war and were shaped by it, the impacts on the people forged by those events represent realities as old as conflict between human beings and as current as today’s headlines.”

Jerry A., California

“Captures you early and does not let you go.”

Andy H., Mexico

“Readers searching for a Dan Brown-ish thriller would do well to open Chasing Antigone.”

Barb C., Ohio

“An intriguing mystery, romance, and political history to keep you reading and thinking.”

Nancy F., Colorado

“Vivid settings. Fascinating characters. A page-turner that made me think.”

Sallie K., Arizona

Chasing Antigone

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