A ruined hunting shelter, a displaced Native American woman and the planetary weight of the U. S. government: the gunpowder that ignite Lauren Greasewater’s War.

Set in the 1970s, this historical novel traces an urban Indian woman’s quest from the streets of New York to the canyons of the Southwest finding her way back to the community of her birth to reinvent herself as Lauren Greasewater. Caught between two dissonant worlds, she unintentionally turns a cultural misunderstanding into an armed conflict that captures national attention.

In her effort to save the place she was born, Lauren Greasewater’s defenders see a struggle for recognition and a chance to regain their humanity. The war that ensues brings together the Vietnam-wracked Havasupai man Lauren loves, Lauren’s strange wizard namesake Gwi Swaada, and her way into the Native American world.

***** 4.6 of 5 stars on Amazon *****

praise for Lauren Greasewater’s War


Uqualla, Havasupai spiritualist

“I felt as if I were with the traditional Havasupai people. All Havasupais should read its awakening.”

Leota Watahomigie, Havasupai

“Powerful in its vivid creation of a world that I was reluctant to leave.… Place and characters presented so brilliantly that they remain indelible.”

Susan Lang, Prescott Daily Courier

“A wonderfully crafted read.”

Rosanda Suetopka, Navajo-Hopi Observer

“A sensual account of struggle and justice in the heart of Grand Canyon.”

Margaret Erhart, winner 2006 Milkweed National Fiction Prize

“This book rings true. I could not put it down.”

Reba Rauch, University of Utah Press

“Digs into emotional truths and complex layers of reality.”

Seth Muller, Arizona Daily Sun

“Courage, perseverance, guts, whatever you can say about Lauren is not enough. I fell in love with her.”

Jack J., Washington

“The landscape is breathtaking: vivid canyons, stark land, flowing water, secret places.”

Sara M., Tucson

Lauren Greasewater’s War

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